Wednesday, March 11, 2015

To seed or not to seed! That is the question....

Last year I felt that I started my seeds off too late in the season. I wasn't organised, I did everything last minute (because I decided to grow a garden last minute) and I was thrilled with the fact that anything grew at all.

This year I am organised well ahead of time and I am facing my first conundrum. When do I start my seeds? I am getting a lot of input from different sources about when I should seed. The Farmer's Almanac for Hamilton said I should be starting to seed my tomatoes and peppers at the beginning of March so I can plant after first frost, which they estimate to be the end of April this year. Some experienced gardeners have said I should wait until April and seed everything at the same time, some have told me to seed my peppers now and then seed my tomatoes in April.

It is a tough choice because I don't want my plants to be leggy or too big indoors but I also don't want to start too late. After giving it some thought I am going to seed some peppers within the next week and then seed the rest of my peppers and tomatoes at the beginning of April. It will be an experiment to see if there is any difference between the two groups of plants and which produce better.

My Jiffy Greenhouse

Last year when I seeded I used the Jiffy Greenhouse. I am going to use the same system this year as it worked so well. I purchased the professional gardener set which includes a heating pad to promote growth. This year, I will have two trays of plants growing so I am going to switch the trays onto the heat pad on a daily basis. I am not sure how or if this will effect my seeds and their growth but I suppose time will tell!

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