Friday, March 20, 2015


This whole week I have been on vacation from work. It's been a great break and I have had some pretty fantastical times. Yesterday, however, was definitely the best night of my vacation so far. I had the opportunity to meet and hang out with some fellow Hamilton bloggers to try out some restaurants and it was an amazing time. I met Chanry, Justin, Sid, Rachel, Priya, Andrea, Judy and Charaya (and, of course, my lovely girlfriend Leslie was there too). What an amazingly welcoming, intelligent and fun group of people. I was truly honoured to have the chance to meet everyone and I am already looking forward to meeting up with them for more adventures! Yesterday we all headed down to Mezcal Taco and Tequila Bar to give it a full food blogger review.
We met up inside, ordered our drinks and the kitchen agreed to give us an assortment of tasty dishes to sample. I ordered the Deer Hunter as my drink to start and Leslie ordered the Anejo Old Fashioned. Both were tasty and delicious and I would definitely order again.
Some of the Gang!

From there we moved onto a few appetizers. We had salsa and guacamole to start. The salsa and guac were pretty awesome, although I tended to prefer the guacamole for taste. The tortilla chips were AMAZING! Fresh baked and crunchy they are everything you could ever want from a tortilla chip.

We then moved on to a Jicama Salad and Cuban Chicharrones. I thought the Jicama salad was fresh and delicious. The dressing was simple yet clean and the dried cranberries provided just enough sweetness. My winner for the night by far however were the Cuban Chicharrones. They were salty, crunchy and awesome. Mixed with some of the toppings provided which included pickles they were amazingly delicious. I could see them making an unbelievable taco.
It was so good we couldn't get a picture until it was almost gone!

The Chicharrones! In one word, DELICIOUS!
After the appetizers we received a trio of tacos. We first had the fried cauliflower. As a vegetarian option, you can't get much better to be honest and in fact many of the meatavores in our group chose the cauliflower as their favourite taco. It was light yet crunchy and had amazing texture. Our next taco was the Chorizo. I thought that it was pretty tasty and you definitely tasted the chorizo, but was my least favourite taco of the night. The final taco was the adobo and it was my favourite taco. It was smokey and a little spicy and just all around fantastic.


For desert we tried both the chocolate cake and the rice pudding. While the chocolate cake is good, the rice pudding is far more exceptional. It tastes just like grandma used to make and really put a solid finishing touch on a great meal.
At the end of the day, the drinks are the most expensive part of the meal coming out to between $12 and $15 a cocktail. But if you focus on food the cost is pretty decent actually. We left satisfied but not overly stuffed and you could spend about $40 to $50 before drinks for two people. Throw in drinks and the bill will skyrocket but it all depends on the evening you are going out for. (Full credit of this section goes to Justin for the great blogging advice)

After this we could have called it a night, but we went on another adventure. We headed over to Radius for a few cocktails and buck a shuck oysters. I had never been to Radius but I must say I was impressed with the decor and ambiance for a Thursday night. It was a pretty chill place to sit back, enjoy a few drinks and have a nice chat with some new friends. I also had never tried oysters before so it was another first for me as a I bucked up and gave it a try. I was pretty impressed with my oyster and will definitely be down for more in the future! 

The night didn't end there however as we headed over to the Owl of Minerva to finish the night off with some Korean food! I was told all about the delicious Korean BBQ Ribs and I have to say I was not let down! They were amazingly delicious and tender and they didn't last long at our table!

Now you're probably wondering by this time how this has anything to do with gardening. It doesn't. But it was an amazingly fun evening that I wanted to share with everyone. I made some new friends, had some great food and in general had myself a ball of a time!

In terms of my garden, nothing has happened as of yet. (Especially since I planted them only two days ago). There are some positive signs however. You can see that inside the greenhouse is getting nice and toasty as lots of condensation is happening on my greenhouse lid. This is a good thing as it helps the germination process.
It's getting hot in there!

Inside everything looks great. I like to check at least once a day to make sure that the peat pods are still moist and do not need water. As you can see everything looks pretty wet, which is a good thing as you want to make sure everything stays moist and humid.

Off to celebrate a friend's impending marriage tonight. March Break is slowly coming to a close, but my adventures continue!

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