Monday, March 09, 2015

Hello world!

I am an enthusiastic but very amateur gardener. Last year, I grew my garden from seeds and it was fantastic. My plants grew large and green, my tomatoes and peppers bore fruit and everything was excellent.
Some of last year's hot peppers
Or everything was excellent until everything started to ripen and I came home one day to find my garden RAVAGED by my three loving, adorable but insatiable dogs.
The Littlest Ravager
 This year I have decided to make sure that I eat more tomatoes and fresh homegrown vegetables than my dogs.
Check out the tomato moochers

 am ready and prepared ahead of time this year and I decided to catalog my growing adventure online. It will be my record that I can look back on from year to year to improve my garden and hopefully will help other new growers with their gardens as well. I like to take pictures and I enjoy growing lots of different varieties, especially heirloom tomatoes and peppers. It should be a lot of fun, full of delicious, fresh food and I look forward to sharing my adventure with you.

Last year's El Jefe hot peppers

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