Saturday, March 21, 2015

Hamilton's Hottest Plants, with City Correspondent Stefon!

Trust me, he knows the HOTTEST plants in the City!
The hottest plant in Hamilton is the Thai chili Vesuvius. Plant producer Francisco Burnyamouthi has gone all out. This plant has EVERYTHING. Mouth burning action, lip numbing smacking and it will smack your ass and send you to bed.

What's shaking Hamilton? To be honest not too much is going on over here today. It's a sleepy Saturday afternoon in the best City in the world. In terms of my pepper plants, not too much is going on. While they are definitely the HOTTEST plants in the city (due to the greenhouse they are germinating in) they aren't doing any moving and shaking as of yet. While my excitement about my plants demands that they do something, ANYTHING, whenever I look in on them, the fact that they have done absolutely nothing is not only normal but to be expected.
(I know this looks like the picture I posted yesterday but I swear it was taken today)

I don't expect any growth from these seeds for at least another week so I just have to be patient and wait for them to start growing. 

Speaking of patient I have an update about the hard cider I have been brewing. I have been waiting well over a week for my hard cider to stop bubbling. The instructions with my kit said to wait for two weeks or until my cider stopped bubbling before I bottle. It has been almost three and a half weeks at this point and while the bubbling has almost's still going. I think in the next day or two I am going to bottle it up and see how it turns out.
Hard to see the bubbles...but I promise they're there!
In more exciting news I had some pretty awesome food today from two local favourites right around the corner from my house. I was introduced to Alfredo's by a friend at work and I have been grabbing pizza from them for the last month. Their food is fresh, delicious and pretty affordable. We got an extra large pizza for under $15.00. The service is friendly and welcoming and they always remember me whenever I go in. I would highly recommend them as a great local pizza option.
SOMEONE couldn't wait till I took a picture. 
Right beside Alfredo's is La Bakeri. La Bakeri is a little Italian bakery that makes some amazingly delicious sweets and pastries. They are direct competition for Sam's on Queenston in terms of having the best cannoli in the city. At this point I feel that whether you choose Sam's or La Bakeri, you are going to have an amazing cannoli and which one is best comes down to personal preference. While I enjoyed La Bakeri, I thought that Sam's has the better cannoli. That being said I would definitely go back to La Bakeri for their cannoli. It truly is a win-win choice with the only real loser being your waistline.
I think tonight I am going to swing out for a dinner, maybe at Collin's in Dundas and tomorrow I have my nephew's birthday party and a soccer game. I can't believe that I go back to work on Monday. It is going to be sad to see March Break go.

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