Monday, March 30, 2015

Impressive. Most Impressive.

This morning I woke up and instantly went to take a look at my pepper colony. I am still impressed with the quick recovery and growth of my plants after buying the lights. In fact it looks like Pousse might potentially pull a full on zombie. Her stalk has straightened and while her leaves look very wilted, she could pull a magical miracle and pull through.
Pousse, the little pepper that almost could! 

Spicy McPepperson is looking fantastically well if I do say so myself. The Master of the pepper universe has shrugged off the droop and is standing straight and tall, ready to rule his domain. 
In totally unrelated news I am making the decision to start eating healthy and to be more active. I went and was sized for a bike this weekend and plan to start biking back and forth to work everyday. I want to feel healthier, get into much better shape as I plan on playing soccer all summer and explore and enjoy this wonderful city that I call home. 

I am also happy to announce that a good friend of my has started his own blog! He is also planting a garden this year and knows much more about gardening then I. Please welcome him and give him your support!

Finally, I don't know who you are but your license plate is IMPRESSIVE. MOST IMPRESSIVE. I hope you drive around all day and feel like an all powerful Sith Lord, or, at the very least, like a boss! 
Our first catch of the day!

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