Friday, April 03, 2015

Silence of the Peppers!

Yesterday, I awoke to a shocking horror. After transplanting my plants and having watched them recover in the life giving plant light they were desolated overnight! All the pots were dug up and the sprouts were eaten! It was a mass McPepperson Pepper Murder!

Now my first inclination would be to blame my dogs, however, they were all asleep in our room. My only conclusion is that we must have a pepper eating mouse! Needless to say I was pretty shocked by the large scale pepper homicides and I have purchased traps, set them and surrounded my plants with them in order to catch the culprit. I know it's a little bit eye for an eye and all that but they did eat my peppers. 

In totally non related news, Happy Good Friday to everyone who celebrates Good Friday! If you don't, I hope you have an amazing day relaxing with friends and family. With that being said ,I am off to enjoy my day off with some fantastic friends and tomorrow I will be doing more transplanting and seeding! 

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