Monday, April 27, 2015

Deliriously Delicious!

I love food. All kinds, any kind! I am willing to try pretty much anything and everything, however there is something about an amazing hamburger that hits my hunger spot like nothing else quite can. Fresh hot grilled beef, fresh onions, pickles and tomatoes and the perfect combination of ketchup, mustard and mayo served on a soft and delicious bun. Writing this makes me wish I had a burger in front of me right now. I just ate dinner. I would still eat it.

There are days and times when nothing will do but a burger and thankfully there are quite a few good burger places in Hamilton that can sate your craving. While every place has their features that make their burgers unique, when I need to feed the burger monster in my belly I drive down to Westdale to grab a Delirious Burger.
Simple yet classy. 
While some burger joints will offer you numerous burger options, sometimes several pages of options, Delirious Burger offers you three. A single burger, a double burger and a portobello burger for the vegetarians. Trust me when I say that any option you choose is going to be amazingly delicious and satisfying.
I grabbed this picture from the Delirious Burger Facebook Page.
I swung over to Delirious the other day to grab a burger and I ordered my personal favourite, the Double Bacon Cheese Burger. I added on sauteed onions and fried jalapenos, definitely worth the investment and chatted with the owner while I waited. I love the service at Delirious. It is welcoming and friendly and more often than not you'll get a chance to chat with the owner, who serves you with a great big smile. At the end of my wait I received my bag and below is what it contained.
Every burger, a masterpiece!

Burger Bliss!
If you think it looks like the most amazingly delicious burger in the world then you would be right. It also tastes like the most amazingly delicious tasting burger in the world. I could barely wait to dive in!

Literally amazing. Literally.

Needless to say, my burger did not last that long and pretty soon I was down to my last morsel!

Gone too soon!

It was gone far too soon but was simply amazing. I didn't get fries this time, but I definitely recommend getting them as well when you visit. They are among the best in the city.

Next time you feel the call of the burger hunger in the cold dark of night, slay that monster with a Delirious Burger. You won't be sorry you did.

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